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Warehouse Management 2019-07-05
KEHAN Electronics is a professional wire harness and injection molding cables factory in Xiamen.
The production of wire harnesses will use thousands of wires and connectors, as well as accessories. The production of the factory must be carried out in an orderly manner. The customer's order responds quickly and efficiently, and the delivery time is as fast as possible. A well management of the warehouse is particularly important! It plays a decisive role in the normal operation of a factory.
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1.Raw material

1) After the warehouse management personnel receives the “Incoming Notice”, according to the “Delivery Note” provided by the supplier, and the corresponding “Purchase Order” issued by the purchasing personnel of the factory,
check the name, specification and quantity of the incoming goods, and correct. Can sign for. Fill in the “Incoming Acceptance Form” and submit it to the Quality Assurance Department for inspection. The warehouse manager should
ensure that the inbound materials can be clearly identified. If there is no identification mark, it must be labeled.

2) IQC tests or verifies the materials separately according to the “Incoming Acceptance Form” and “Material Inspection and Verification List”. After passing the inspection, notify the warehouse to transfer the materials to the designated
area of the warehouse. The non-conforming product is placed in the IQC unqualified area and contacted by the supplier for processing.

2.Preparation & Issue

1)The warehouse personnel shall check the “received list” of the corresponding products according to the “material declining method management table” determined by the production squad leader. The materials shall be prepared and posted according to the principle of first-in-first-out, and the materials prepared shall be handled by the production team.

2)When the production class needs to exceed the materials, the production team will open the “Complementary Contact Form”, and the materials will be issued according to the order. 2.3 Other departments need to prepare, test or test the required materials, go to the warehouse to pick and record in the “sample picking record form”.

3)When the material needs to be returned due to process changes or other reasons, the production team will move the returned materials to the designated area and fill in the “return form”. After the quality control minister determines that the mark is OK, the warehouse management personnel will handle the storage.

4)The warehouse personnel log in according to the change of the incoming and outgoing materials of the raw materials on the same day, the corresponding “material card” and the ledger of the raw materials, and keep the accounts consistent.

5)Warehouse personnel must prepare materials according to the monthly label when preparing materials, and strictly prepare according to the principle of first-in-first-out materials.

In addition, the warehouse regularly counts and provides inventory reports for the production and procurement departments. In order to replenish materials in time to ensure sufficient materials and product delivery is not affected.

KEHAN Electronics focuses on wire harness processing for more than 20 years, 90% of our products are exported for export, involving industrial equipment, household appliances, medical instruments, etc. KEHAN adheres to the business philosophy of “Honesty win the World”.

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