Wire Harness Assembly
  • New Added Full-automatic Terminal Machine
    2019-11-29 New Added Full-automatic Terminal Machine
    Kehan adds new equipment --- fully automatic double-head terminal machine,CR-08. The output of electronic wires can reach 3000pcs/h, and the flat cable is 800pcs/h (12pin), which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor costs. CR-08 High-speed Multi-function Automatic Terminal Machine is a full-automatic device that includes feeding, cutting, wire stripping and double-head ...
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  • KEHAN will continue the production of battery holder with connector
    2019-11-01 KEHAN will continue the production of battery holder with connector
    Kehan continues to produce waterproof injection molded connectors for sanitary equipment, water purifiers, sensor taps, smart toilets, scrubbers and other cleaning equipment. The production is in line with ISO9001:2015 management system. All the raw materials we using are environmentally friendly and meet UL certification. The new product waterproof DC3511 connector is combined with the battery ca...
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  • Great Joy In the Mid-autumn Festival Celebration!
    2019-09-12 Great Joy In the Mid-autumn Festival Celebration!
    The Mid-Autumn Festival is here again! August 15 of the lunar calendar is the traditional Chinese festival - Mid-Autumn Festival. On this day, usually the family reunited under the round moon, which symbolizes abundance, harmony and good luck. At 6 o'clock last night, Kehan family gathered together to have dinner and celebrate the Festival! The traditional game, "Bo Bing"in southern Fujian, is the...
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  • Equipment Capable of Improving Production Efficiency
    2019-09-09 Equipment Capable of Improving Production Efficiency
    For the production of two-headed tinned wire harness, Kehan has purchased a professional 558 full digital intelligent double-head strip and tin machine, making the production to be automatic, reducuing the labor costs and improving efficiency. Model 558 Fully Automatic Two-head Tinning Machine Processing Capacity Single-end stripping, double-end stripping, single-end half stripping, double-en...
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  • Another Positive Feedback
    2019-08-14 Another Positive Feedback
    We got another positive feedback, it totally makes my day! It was from the new customer on the official website. Since the day of May 28th, May, Simen started contacting us and inquired USB cable assemblies USB A to USB C. With the 5 meters and 4 mm diameter regular round cable with no print on it. Everything was going well, quoting, taking samples, placing orders. We are so glad that he is please...
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  • Positive Feedback
    2019-08-06 Positive Feedback
    It’s really happy to receive positive feedback from the customer! This is one of our customers on Alibaba online store, we are very grateful for their trust and support in us for three years. Every time when we received their praise we are really really happy! This also motivates us to continue to provide quality wire harness and cable assemblies and services to our customers! As our general manag...
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  • Factory Outlet Cable Assembly 3.0
    2019-07-11 Factory Outlet Cable Assembly 3.0
    The batch of 59 boxes, 1381 kilograms of wiring harnesses and power cords handling by Kuehne & Nagel(K&N) will be sent to the United States by Sea to our old customer, Harvest Right On July 20th. We work with K&N, who is one of the world's largest freight forwarding companies. Who can provide high-value integrated logistics services to the world, mainly engaged in shipping, air tr...
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  • Warehouse Management
    2019-07-05 Warehouse Management
    KEHAN Electronics is a professional wire harness and injection molding cables factory in Xiamen. The production of wire harnesses will use thousands of wires and connectors, as well as accessories. The production of the factory must be carried out in an orderly manner. The customer's order responds quickly and efficiently, and the delivery time is as fast as possible. A well management o...
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  • Annual IS0 Reviewing
    2019-06-26 Annual IS0 Reviewing
    Zhongjian Certification Co.,ltd (/GZCC), the first batch of the National Accreditation Board of China's Quality System Certification Body (formerly CNACR, now CNAB), was  accredited by the American Registration and Accreditation Board (ANAB) and the UK Royal Accreditation Board (UKAS). Which is a non-profit third-party multinational certification body with independent legal personality, ...
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  • Product Upgraded
    2019-05-29 Product Upgraded
    This is one of our old friends from the United States. He often order customized flexible flat rainbow cables to solder LED lights from us. This time he asks to replace the original red and blue lights with flash LED lights. Take a look at the video. What is a flash LED light? It is cool, right? Whether it is toy game consoles, household appliances, communication equipment, lighting, or automotive...
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