Wire Harness Assembly

JST Patch Loom Wire Harness

ISO9001:2015 Qaulity control manufacturing Machinery Cable Assembly
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Product Details


1. Conductor: using oxygen-free copper High purity / low resistance / anti-aging / long life
    99.99% high density oxygen-free copper, bright colour, high conductivity, not easy to heat up, low loss, super current load capacity, longer life.
2. Insulation and sheathing: environmental protection high-strength PVC or neoprene, high-strength/abrasion and tensile resistance/corrosion resistance/waterproof/flame retardant/oil resistance/weather resistance/long life, high tensile strength, bending resistance, wear resistance, can withstand regular movement and heavy impact
    Good flame retardancy, does not spread rapidly in case of fire, does not release toxic gases, environmentally friendly
    Waterproof, can be used for long periods in wet and submerged environments
    Oil and weather resistant, suitable for use outdoors or in contact with oil and dirt
    Cold resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance and good weather resistance
3. quality control: uniform thickness of insulation and sheath, very low eccentricity, resistance to high voltage test, no breakdown, effectively ensure safety.
4. Cable sheath colour: single layer black, white inside and orange outside, white inside and black outside, white inside and blue outside
5. Product certification and test reports.
    Product certification: CCC, CE, ISO9001:2008, ROHS
    Passed the third party inspection test of high temperature resistance 105℃, low temperature resistance -40℃.
    Passed the third party inspection and flame retardant test
6. Common specifications.
    10mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 95mm, 120mm.
7. Application range.
    Can be used as welding wire, torch wire, welding machine wire, battery wire, battery wire, welding and cutting tool wiring, grounding wire


Item Name   JST Patch Loom Wire Harness
Connector Material   Copper
Connector Sealed or Unsealed 
Cable Size   20 AWG 
Terminal type   JST/ DUPONT
Operating Temperature   -40°C~105°C, -40°C~80°C,
Applications  Automotive, motorcycle 


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