Update on COVID-19 in Xiamen, 2021


The Chinese mainland on Saturday reported 43 new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases, all in Fujian Province, the National Health Commission said in its daily report on Sunday.

Local officials are urging residents to not leave the city, closing public venues, suspending large activities and rolling out nucleic acid tests. 

The Xiamen city anti-epidemic group announced a slew of measures to cut off virus spread. 

Locals should stay in the city. But if there is necessity to leave, a green health code should be presented. 

Public places including cinemas, massage parlors and gyms, private clinics and religious places should suspend their operations and activities starting Tuesday. 

Airports, train stations, restaurants and hospitals should strengthen their daily epidemic control measures. 

Regions where the COVID-19 patient had been will carry out nucleic acid tests. 

Because of COVID-19 in Xiamen, we are asked to work at home and the factory is not accessible.

​The number of infections is decreasing, the number of new infections on the 20th is 36 and the number of new infections on the 21st is 11, which is a good sign for us

We really hope very much to get your understanding that this is a situation we do not want and cannot control, we have been tested 3 times and the results are all healthy.

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