The Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 in Xiamen

The moon in Xiamen is so beautiful tonight,

5 million Xiamen people! The moon is bright and breezy, and tonight we will enjoy the Mid-Autumn Moon in Xiamen.

Unlike previous years, there is no more lively party in Xiamen this year, no more "ting ting ting" sound of biscuits.

However, the moon is the brightness of our hometown, and peace of mind is our hometown.

The moon rises as usual, and the magic formula of life will definitely recover! With you, with me, with us, everything will be fine!

This Mid-Autumn Festival, Xiamen people are consciously "empty city".

Under the bright moon, Xiamen people are fighting with the COVID-19, Xiamen people are racing against time.

Make a wish to the full moon, and hope that the city we love so much will clear up soon.