KEHAN FACTORY VIEW: DC plug injection processing


Professional production of various specifications of power cord plug, DC cable, usb charging cable, car charger cigarette lighter cable, fish clip connection cable, etc.

DC cable is an electronic industrial product; the specifications and length of the cable can be customized according to the customer's requirements. Electric wire

Generally used for AC power, its voltage is not large, mostly used for signal transmission, charging and direct power supply

Some basic parameters of DC wire are 6x1.4 6x1.0 4.75x1.7 2.5x1 2.5x0.75x2.8 5x2.5 5x2.1 5x1.4 5x1.03.9x1.3 3.8x1.4 3.8x1.0 3.5x1.7 3.5x1.4 3.5x1.35 3.5x1.1  3.4x1.0, common injection molded ones are: 5.5X2.5 5.5X2.1 3.5X1.7 3.5X1.5 3.5X1.35 3.5X1.1

The above specifications are understood as; large numbers for the outer diameter; small numbers for the inner diameter such as; 5.5X2.1, 5.5 plug for the outer diameter / 2.1 for the plug inner diameter

DC plug injection molding type can be equipped with round wire, flat wire, parallel wire; assembly of the general use of round wire, generally used for DC AC current; can withstand 300V voltage, current can withstand a maximum of 16A shape is relatively small. And beautiful.

DC plug injection molding type is more solid and not easy to fall apart.

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