KEHAN Custom Cable Assembly | Terminal tension testers

Did you know that In the production of wiring harness, the terminals need to be pull-off tested before the official mass production can start

Terminal pull tester is a kind of testing equipment developed for the wire harness and electronic industry

Specially for testing the pull-off force of various wire harness terminals.

Usually equipped with a digital display, dial push-pull meter and fixture

the terminal pull tester has the characteristics of compact equipment, accurate operation, high measurement accuracy, easy to clamp the test piece, simple operation, etc.

It is necessary equipment for wire harness manufacturers to ensure product quality.

terminal pull tester

Kehan's products are tested to strict standards for terminal tension

terminal pull-off resistance

Xiamen Kehan goes through raw material testing, terminal tension testing, 100% semi-finished product appearance testing,

100% electrical conductivity testing, 100% appearance testing, which is the key to the quality of Kehan packaging products.

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