Xiamen Kehan added a new cable tester


KEHAN focuses on quality electronic components with the new buy tester YD2511 DC Low Resistance Tester.

YD2511 DC low resistance tester is an instrument specializing in measuring low value DC resistance. It can be widely used in various coil resistances. Resistance of motor transformer windings, wire resistance of various cables, contact resistance of electrical components such as switch sockets and plugs, and metal riveting resistors.

The instrument is a four-and-a-half digital tube display with a maximum resolution of 10uΩ.

You can see 10 uΩ~1.9999KΩ is divided into five measuring ranges:

Range 1: 200mΩ:10 uΩ~199.99 mΩ

Range 2: 2Ω:100 uΩ~1.9999Ω

Range 3: 20 Ω:1mΩ~19.999Ω

Range 4: 200 Ω:10mΩ~199.99Ω

Range 5: 2KΩ:100 mΩ~1.9999 KΩ

Sorting functions:

  • Sorting function is only valid when locked.
  • Upper limit setting: Pull the upper limit setting dial switch to the upper limit
  • Lower limit setting: Pull the lower limit setting dial switch to the lower limit value.
  • Over-light: When the measured value > upper limit, the upper super-light (HIGH) is on.
  • Lower super light: When the measured value < lower limit, the lower super light (LOW) is on.
  • Qualified lamp: When the lower limit value
  • Buzzer: When the qualified light is on, the buzzer sounds. (The buzzer can be controlled by the signal button on the panel)

YD2511 DC low resistance tester (microohmmeter)

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