Xiamen Kehan ​​Electronics Co., Ltd


Xiamen Kehan ​​Electronics is the first choice for wire harness and cable assembly processing.
Xiamen Kehan ​​Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, production and processing of various medium and high-end wiring harnesses. Since its establishment, the company has tailored nearly a thousand products for our customers. Main products: communication wiring harness, medical wiring harness, computer and peripheral wiring harness, printer wiring harness, audio wiring harness, air conditioning wiring harness, washing machine wiring harness, refrigerator wiring harness, automobile wiring harness, battery car, motorcycle wiring harness, motor wiring harness, network and communication wiring harness, transformer wiring harness , AC/DC power cords, LVDS wires of various specifications, electronic wires, shielded wires, isolation wires, coaxial cables, and various special connecting wires, etc. We will continue to maintain leading R&D, manufacturing technology, and advanced environmental awareness, continuously improve product quality, optimize management mechanisms, improve after-sales service, and create a more brilliant tomorrow with all new and old customers.
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