In August, shipping will add various fees such as GRI, PSS, VAD, CGS, etc.

  • GRI, surcharge for comprehensive rate increase.

Shipping companies that raised GRI in August include:

  • PSS, peak season surcharge

Hapag-Lloyd will add PSS to the China-Australia route from August 1st:
Container size 20’: USD 500 for all equipment types
Container size 40’: USD 1000 for all equipment types

  • CGS, port congestion charge

Yixing will collect CGS at U.S. ports from August 1st:

Matson will adjust the CGS of US West Port from August 5th:

MSC will charge additional CGS to US and Canadian ports from September 1st:

USD 800/20’DV

USD 1000/40’DV

USD 1125/40’HC

USD 1266/45

  • VAD, value-added fee

Hapag-Lloyd will add VAD to China-North America routes from August 15th:

According to the freight rates of the eight major global routes released by Drewry on July 22:

The Shanghai-Rotterdam freight rate has exceeded 13,000 US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 623%;

The Shanghai-Genoa freight rate exceeded US$12,000, a surge of 546% year-on-year;

The Shanghai-Los Angeles freight rate has approached US$10,000, a year-on-year increase of 239%;

The Shanghai-New York freight rate exceeded 11,000 US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 244%.

According to Drewry’s prediction, freight rates will continue to rise in the next few weeks, but the rate of increase will slow down.