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Technology companies are deliberately creating devices that cannot be easily repaired or updating operating systems that are incompatible with older devices, resulting in an increasing amount of electronic waste
Because there are too many procedures for processing wire harness assembly
During the torch relay, some people with disabilities will use upper and lower limb assisted exoskeleton robots to help them carry the torch. \nAfter months of adaptive training with assisted exoskeleton devices, they can grasp the torch autonomously and walk upright.
A bionic whale shark made its public debut at an aquarium in Shanghai recently. This is the first robot of its kind in the world. It can be remotely programmed and controlled, and the developers are planning to give it more practical functions.
Turning pie-in-the-sky Olympic ideas into reality
Quality is the most important factor that makes us stand out in the competition of our peers.
Did you know that The terminals in each batch of wire harnesses are subjected to terminal tension tests before production
FFC refers to any type of electrical cable which is flexible and flat whilst an FPC is a flexible printed circuit.
Mainly: micrometers, calipers, gauges, thickness gauges
UL American Standard Wire UL1015 28-9AWG, High-Temperature Electronic Wire Household Appliance Wire Complete range of colors
For the power supply and data transmission, With more reliable strain relief (optional)
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