Quality Inspections

  • The Swing test for the wire, cable and a variety of products in a certain speed, angle and weight, the number of times to detect the product of the folding resistance and performance aspects.

  • The Salt Spray Test is a standardized and popular corrosion test method, used to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings, especially of the metal products.

  • Terminal Mirror Analysis is used for checking the electrical crimping terminals with wires in a good position, which usually cannot be seen clearly by eyes.

  • Tensile Test Machine is most commonly used for obtaining the the mechanical characteristics of ultimate tensile strength, breaking strength to test the crimping terminals are tightly enough with the wires.
  • Resistance tester & electrical tester are to make the test condition at the 100% open, short circuit test, and insulation resistance 50 KΩOn-resistance 5Ω.

Professional quality inspection team with core tools(MSA/FMEA/CPK/Process control plan). High-quality products cannot just be judged by shouting. We use the evaluation data to tell you that the quality of our products are absolutely reliable.